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Created in 1985, Turbobob ® allows both children and adults to refind the thrilling sensation of speed and acceleration that everyone has ever felt when riding downhill on a toboggan run or skiing. Implented in leisure parks in France or abroad, this track still provides as much pleasure to a wide audience..

The runway operator will be able to note that this attraction and the their elements, require few maintenance and are very energy efficient. The simplicity of the design makes it an attraction with great efficiency and reliability over time. Some tracks continue to welcome sledge users and their children for over 30 years now.

The family vocation of this attraction has allowed it to be installed in parks with all audience types. Located both in municipal parks and foreign leisure parks, this ride has over the years improved and adapted to its public.


All parts made of thermosetting matrix composite materials based on polyester resin and fiberglass reinforcement are made in France, by a company selected for its reliability and which has built its reputation on the quality of its productions.

Steel structure parts and the assembly of mechanical components are provided by French companies selected for the quality and reliability of the delivered products. 
With a simple and robust design, this element makes it possible to descend the tracks safely. Seated in the sledge, the guest is protected by an enveloping body and can enjoy speed and acceleration sensations in turns during his run. This sledge can accommodate the smallest, alone or accompanied subject to not exceed the maximum expected load.
Produced with prefabricated modules, the track can be adapted to all ground types. Buried or aerial, fixed on galvanized steel poles, the elements keep through time high resistance to wear due to repeated passages of sledges.
For more comfort, and greater ease of operation, options can be added to the tracks. Thus, the addition of a "lift" for automatically raising the sleds (with their occupants or not), a deceleration mechanism at the bottom of the track, or even a sled flow control system can be proposed to the owners.
On the map you will find Turbobob® attractions implented in France

Turbobob® is also present abroad:

- Jebbel Haffit in United Arab Emirates 
- Genting Highland in Malaysia 

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